Denial code N618

Remark code N618 alerts healthcare providers that the claim will be reprocessed once the enrollee pays their premiums.

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What is Denial Code N618

Remark code N618 is an alert indicating that the claim in question will automatically be reprocessed once the enrollee has paid their premiums.

Common Causes of RARC N618

Common causes of code N618 are delayed or missed premium payments by the enrollee, issues with the enrollee's account status, or discrepancies in the enrollee's premium payment records.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N618

Ways to mitigate code N618 include ensuring that patient eligibility and premium payment status are verified prior to claim submission. Implement a system to regularly check for updates on patients' insurance premium payments, especially for those with a history of late payments. Engage in proactive communication with patients to remind them of upcoming premium dues and explain how non-payment can affect their coverage and subsequent claims. Additionally, consider setting up a digital notification system that alerts your billing department when a patient's premium payment status changes, allowing for timely adjustments to billing processes.

How to Address Denial Code N618

The steps to address code N618 involve a proactive approach to ensure minimal disruption in the claims process. Initially, it's essential to document the receipt of this code in the patient's account to keep a detailed record of the claim's status and any actions taken. Following this, communication with the patient is key. Reach out to the patient to inform them of the situation, emphasizing the importance of timely premium payments to avoid delays in claim processing. Offer assistance in understanding their payment options or navigating their insurance portal if necessary.

Simultaneously, set a follow-up reminder in your system to check the status of this claim after a reasonable period, allowing enough time for the patient to make the premium payment and for the insurance to reprocess the claim. This dual approach of patient engagement and diligent follow-up ensures that you are prepared to take further action if the claim is not automatically reprocessed as indicated by the remark code. If the claim remains unresolved, prepare to submit any necessary documentation or a letter of appeal, highlighting the remark code and any communications with the patient regarding their premium payments. This comprehensive strategy aims to expedite the resolution of the claim while maintaining a supportive relationship with the patient.

CARCs Associated to RARC N618

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