Denial code N708

Remark code N708 is an alert indicating that required orders are missing from the billing submission.

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What is Denial Code N708

Remark code N708 indicates that there is a lack of necessary orders accompanying the claim submission, which are required for processing.

Common Causes of RARC N708

Common causes of code N708 are incomplete documentation, failure to submit the required orders with the claim, or miscommunication between the healthcare provider and the billing department leading to the omission of orders from the patient's file.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N708

Ways to mitigate code N708 include implementing a robust pre-claim review process that ensures all necessary orders are obtained and properly documented before submission. Utilizing electronic health records (EHR) effectively can help in flagging any missing orders by setting up alerts for incomplete documentation. Training staff on the importance of comprehensive order collection and establishing a checklist for common procedures and their required orders can also reduce the incidence of this code. Regular audits of claims prior to submission can catch missing orders, allowing for correction before they become an issue. Additionally, fostering clear communication channels between clinical and billing departments can ensure any discrepancies are quickly identified and resolved.

How to Address Denial Code N708

The steps to address code N708, which indicates missing orders, involve a systematic approach to ensure that all necessary documentation is accurately and promptly submitted to avoid delays in claims processing. Firstly, review the patient's medical records to identify and confirm the specific orders that are missing. This may involve consulting with the healthcare provider who attended to the patient to verify any orders that were made but not documented or improperly filed.

Next, gather all relevant orders, ensuring they are complete and accurately reflect the services provided. This may include obtaining new orders from the healthcare provider if necessary. Ensure that these orders are signed and dated by the appropriate healthcare professional, as this is a common requirement for processing.

Once the missing orders are compiled, submit them to the payer along with a cover letter or note explaining that these documents are being provided in response to code N708. It's important to reference the original claim number and any other identifiers that will help the payer connect these orders to the correct claim.

Additionally, review your internal processes for handling and filing orders to identify any gaps or weaknesses that led to the missing orders. Implementing a more robust system for tracking and managing orders can help prevent similar issues in the future. This might include electronic health record (EHR) system optimizations, staff training, or regular audits of order documentation.

Finally, follow up with the payer after submitting the missing orders to confirm receipt and inquire about any further steps needed to resolve the claim. Keeping a detailed record of all communications and submissions related to addressing code N708 will be beneficial for any necessary follow-up and for internal process improvement efforts.

CARCs Associated to RARC N708

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