Denial code N74

Remark code N74 indicates a need to resubmit separate claims for services given in distinct calendar months.

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What is Denial Code N74

Remark code N74 indicates that the submitted claim needs to be corrected and resubmitted as separate claims, with each claim encompassing services that were rendered within a single calendar month. This means that if the services were provided over the course of several months, they should not be included on the same claim form but rather divided into individual claims per each month of service.

Common Causes of RARC N74

Common causes of code N74 are submitting a single claim that includes services provided across multiple calendar months, which should instead be itemized and submitted as separate claims for each individual month. This may occur due to a misunderstanding of billing guidelines or an error in the billing process where services are incorrectly grouped together.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N74

Ways to mitigate code N74 include implementing a billing system that automatically separates claims by service dates, ensuring that each claim submission only includes services rendered within a single calendar month. Train your billing staff to review and organize claims according to the date of service prior to submission. Additionally, use pre-claim editing software that flags claims that span multiple months, allowing for corrections before the claims are submitted to the payer. Regularly audit your claims process to ensure compliance with this requirement and provide ongoing education to your team about the importance of adhering to billing guidelines for timely and accurate claim submissions.

How to Address Denial Code N74

The steps to address code N74 involve reviewing the claim to identify the dates of service that span multiple calendar months. Once identified, separate the claim into multiple individual claims, ensuring that each new claim includes services provided within a single calendar month only. Verify that each claim has the correct patient information, provider details, and service codes that correspond to the appropriate month. After the claims have been separated and checked for accuracy, resubmit them to the payer following their submission guidelines. It's also important to document the changes made to the original claim and keep a record of the resubmission process for each new claim for tracking purposes and in case further communication with the payer is necessary.

CARCs Associated to RARC N74

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