Denial code N760

Remark code N760 indicates that the facility is not authorized to receive payment for the provided services.

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What is Denial Code N760

Remark code N760 means that the facility where the service(s) was provided is not authorized to receive payment for those specific service(s).

Common Causes of RARC N760

Common causes of code N760 are:

1. The healthcare facility has not been properly credentialed or authorized by the payer to provide certain services.

2. The facility's accreditation has lapsed or does not meet the specific requirements for the service billed.

3. The service provided is outside the scope of the facility's designated specialties or capabilities as recognized by the insurance company.

4. There has been an administrative error in recording or updating the facility's credentials or service capabilities in the payer's system.

5. The claim was submitted for a location or department within the facility that is not recognized by the payer for reimbursement for the specific service.

6. The facility may have recently changed ownership, name, or Tax Identification Number (TIN), and these changes have not been updated or recognized by the payer.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N760

Ways to mitigate code N760 include ensuring that your facility has the correct and current accreditations, certifications, and licenses for the services provided. Regularly verify that your facility is listed correctly on payer networks and that all agreements are up to date. Implement a pre-authorization process for services known to require payer approval, ensuring that authorization is obtained before the service is provided. Additionally, maintain open communication with insurance companies to stay informed about any changes in their policies regarding facility authorizations. Lastly, conduct periodic audits of billing and coding practices to ensure compliance with payer requirements.

How to Address Denial Code N760

The steps to address code N760 involve a multi-faceted approach to ensure that future claims are processed smoothly and to attempt to rectify the current denial. Firstly, verify the accuracy of the facility information submitted with the claim, including the National Provider Identifier (NPI) and Tax Identification Number (TIN), to ensure they match the payer's records. If discrepancies are found, correct them and resubmit the claim.

Secondly, contact the payer to confirm the specific reasons the facility is not authorized and inquire about the necessary steps to become authorized. This may involve submitting additional documentation or undergoing a credentialing process.

Thirdly, if the service was provided under the assumption that the facility was authorized, appeal the denial by providing a detailed explanation and any supporting documentation that justifies the necessity of the service and the reason for choosing the facility.

In parallel, review the contract with the payer to understand the terms regarding authorized facilities and services. This will help in negotiating future contracts or amendments to include authorization for the facility.

Lastly, to prevent future occurrences of code N760, establish a routine verification process before service delivery to ensure that the facility is authorized by the payer for the specific services provided. This proactive approach will minimize claim denials and disruptions in revenue flow.

CARCs Associated to RARC N760

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