Denial code N776

Remark code N776 indicates that the service provided is not eligible for Telehealth coverage under the patient's plan.

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What is Denial Code N776

Remark code N776 indicates that the service billed is not considered a covered Telehealth service under the patient's current insurance plan or policy guidelines.

Common Causes of RARC N776

Common causes of code N776 are:

1. The service provided does not fall under the payer's definition of Telehealth services.

2. The provider is not eligible to perform Telehealth services under the payer's policy.

3. The service was provided outside of the approved geographical area for Telehealth coverage.

4. The billing was done with incorrect procedure codes that are not recognized as Telehealth services by the payer.

5. The service was provided through a communication method not approved by the payer (e.g., non-secure platforms).

6. The claim lacks necessary documentation or modifier indicating that the service was provided as a Telehealth service.

7. The patient's policy does not include Telehealth services as a covered benefit.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N776

Ways to mitigate code N776 include ensuring that the services provided are within the scope of covered telehealth services as outlined by the payer. Regularly updating the billing team on the latest telehealth coverage policies and conducting periodic audits on telehealth claims can help identify and rectify any discrepancies before submission. Training for providers on the correct documentation and coding for telehealth services is also crucial to avoid this issue. Additionally, implementing a pre-claim submission process that includes checking the eligibility and coverage for telehealth services for each patient can prevent this code from arising.

How to Address Denial Code N776

The steps to address code N776 involve a multi-faceted approach to ensure compliance and reimbursement for services rendered. Initially, verify the service provided against the current telehealth services list to confirm if the service was indeed non-covered or if there was a coding error. If the service is confirmed to be non-covered, explore alternative billing options or services that are covered under telehealth provisions. For services that were incorrectly coded, correct the coding error and resubmit the claim with the appropriate telehealth service code. Additionally, it's crucial to review and update the billing team's knowledge on telehealth coverage regularly to prevent future occurrences of code N776. Engage with the payer to discuss the specifics of telehealth coverage under their policy, seeking clarification on covered services to minimize disputes and denials related to telehealth service coverage.

CARCs Associated to RARC N776

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