Denial code N808

Remark code N808 indicates services not covered due to provider type/specialty. Essential for healthcare billing and claims adjustments.

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What is Denial Code N808

Remark code N808 indicates that the service or procedure is not covered for the specific type of provider or provider specialty that performed it.

Common Causes of RARC N808

Common causes of code N808 are:

1. The healthcare provider's specialty does not match the services billed.

2. The provider type is not eligible for reimbursement for the specific service under the patient's insurance plan.

3. Incorrect provider information or specialty code submitted on the claim.

4. Services rendered are outside the scope of the provider's licensed practice or specialty as recognized by the insurance payer.

5. The insurance plan has specific restrictions or exclusions for certain types of providers.

6. The claim was submitted for a provider who is not properly credentialed or enrolled with the payer for the specific type of service provided.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N808

Ways to mitigate code N808 include ensuring that the provider's credentials and specialty are accurately updated and reflected in all billing and insurance claim submissions. Regularly verify that the services offered align with the provider's designated specialty according to the payer's guidelines. Before submitting claims, double-check that the provider's type and specialty are eligible for coverage under the patient's insurance plan for the specific service rendered. Engage in ongoing communication with insurance payers to stay informed about any changes in coverage policies related to provider types and specialties. Additionally, consider obtaining pre-authorization for services when possible to confirm coverage eligibility prior to service delivery.

How to Address Denial Code N808

The steps to address code N808 involve a multi-faceted approach to ensure that future claims are not denied for the same reason. Initially, it's crucial to review the provider's credentials and specialties as listed with the payer. If there is a discrepancy or outdated information, update the payer records accordingly. Next, consider the services provided and verify if they align with the provider's registered specialty. If the services are typically covered under the provider's specialty, gather supporting documentation and submit an appeal to the payer, clearly outlining the provider's qualifications and the relevance of the services rendered.

In parallel, conduct an internal audit to identify any patterns or systemic issues that might be leading to this error code. This could involve reviewing the process of how services are matched to provider specialties within your billing system. If necessary, implement a training session for your billing staff to ensure they are aware of the importance of accurately aligning services with provider specialties.

For future claims, develop a checklist or a verification step as part of your claims submission process to ensure that the provider's specialty correctly matches the services provided. This proactive measure can significantly reduce the likelihood of receiving code N808 on subsequent claims.

Lastly, consider establishing a direct line of communication with the payer's provider relations department. This can be invaluable for resolving any ambiguities around provider specialties and covered services, and for staying updated on any changes to the payer's policies that might affect your claims.

CARCs Associated to RARC N808

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