Denial code N848

Remark code N848 is an alert that the NDC billed does not match any recognized product, requiring verification.

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What is Denial Code N848

Remark code N848 is an indication that the National Drug Code (NDC) submitted with the billing cannot be matched or associated with the specific product claimed. This discrepancy requires attention to ensure accurate billing and reimbursement.

Common Causes of RARC N848

Common causes of code N848 are incorrect or incomplete NDC numbers entered on the claim, billing for a product that is not covered under the payer's formulary, or using an outdated NDC that no longer corresponds to the billed product. Additionally, discrepancies between the billed NDC and the actual product administered, such as differences in dosage or quantity, can also trigger this code.

Ways to Mitigate Denial Code N848

Ways to mitigate code N848 include ensuring accurate and up-to-date National Drug Codes (NDCs) are used in billing submissions. This can be achieved by regularly reviewing and updating the NDCs in your billing system to reflect the most current product information. Additionally, implementing a verification step before submission, where the NDCs are cross-checked against a reliable and updated database, can prevent mismatches. Training billing staff on the importance of precise NDC entry and providing them with tools or software that can assist in the accurate capture of these codes will also help reduce the occurrence of this code. Lastly, establishing a routine audit process to identify and correct any discrepancies in NDC billing can serve as a preventive measure against future issues.

How to Address Denial Code N848

The steps to address code N848 involve a multi-faceted approach to ensure accurate billing and reimbursement for pharmaceutical products. Initially, verify the National Drug Code (NDC) entered on the claim to ensure it matches the product administered. This includes checking for any typographical errors in the NDC and confirming that the most current NDC is being used, as manufacturers may update these codes. If the NDC is correct and current, review the billing format to ensure it adheres to the payer's specifications, including the correct use of qualifiers and units of measure. In cases where the NDC still cannot be associated with the product, contact the drug manufacturer to verify the NDC and inquire about any recent changes or updates that may not have been communicated. Additionally, reach out to the payer to discuss the discrepancy and seek guidance on how to proceed, as there may be specific instructions or additional documentation required to process the claim successfully. Implementing a system for regularly updating and verifying NDCs in your billing system can prevent future occurrences of this issue.

CARCs Associated to RARC N848

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